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Stigma Free, Learning to Live Your Best Life, Fully. Optimizing your wellness and wellbeing.

Welcome to Half Holistic Living, Learning to Live Your Best Life, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps it will ignite your own passions as well and help you learn how to truly enjoy the journey.


Are You a Friend or a Therapist?

Here’s the raw truth. When you are a helper, you want to help everyone. I believe because of this trait that I have, I ended up in...

The Golden Spice

Let’s talk natural, organic, anti-inflammatories, yes, I already covered beets, but this is about the golden spice, Indian saffron, or...

Beautiful Beets

* High in Antioxidants * Relieve Inflammation * Promote Heart Health * Aid in Detoxification * Boost Brain Function * Support Digestive...

Sauna Benifits

About a year ago I noticed a friend of mine posting about using the sauna at her gym, she too has chronic health issues, and was finding...

Golden Milk

If you have never heard of, or tried golden milk, get ready for your taste buds to dance and your body to thank you! I tried golden milk...

Welcome and Hello

Good afternoon holistic healers, I had another blog some time ago, however, I've decided to start fresh and focus on health and wellness....


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