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Sauna Benifits

About a year ago I noticed a friend of mine posting about using the sauna at her gym, she too has chronic health issues, and was finding benefits from using the sauna. The first time I stepped into the sauna at my gym, I lasted only several minutes before leaving gasping for air. I told this to my friend, and she motivated and encouraged me to keep trying. She told me that she too had to build up to the amount of time she could use it, but that the benefits were well worth it. She was right, of course! I use the sauna almost every time I go to the gym, time permitting. I have found I am able to breathe and relax while doing so, while at first that was not the case.

Some benefits of using a sauna include:

-Immune system boost

-Heart health & longevity

-Skin rejuvination

-Muscle gain

-Fat loss


-Aid with better sleep

-Decrease stress

-Arthritic & muscular pain relief

-Detoxification of chemicals & heavy metals

-Increase blood flow

-Relax muscles and soothe aches and pains

Have you tried a sauna? do you use one regularly? if so, do you find it helps?

I encourage you to keep trying if like myself, you tried a few times but found it uncomfortable, consider trying again. I am grateful for my friend and her kind words of encouragement to me to continue to try and use the sauna, now I use it for 10-20 minutes after a work out helping me feel healthy and rejuvenated. The heat causes blood vessels to dilate which improves circulation and helps you heal faster. Soon enough winter will be here with harsh cold that may take a toll on your skin. Why not help your aches and pains and enjoy the added benefits it has for your skin. Saunas cause you to sweat which helps your body remove bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cell from your skin. This results in healthy glowing skin and may also help reduce acne breakouts. Saunas also have the ability to make you feel better since the heat causes your brain to release endorphins, helping to increase your mood.

Stay hydrated before, during, and after your sauna time in order to replace the water you sweat out. Hope you try the sauna next time you are at the gym or spa, and if you have tried before but were unsure about it, I hope you will consider trying again!

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