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We Are Capable of Greatness

We Are Capable of Greatness

It's amazing what we are capable of as humans, we are all capable of so much more than we know, and often more than we believe. I know sometimes I surprise myself with what I accomplish, I set big goals, I am ambitious, yet I am human and sometimes I wonder if I am reaching too far, then I remember, I am limitless. There is nothing stopping me, nothing holding me back, nothing I can't do, the only thing that can ever get in my way is a negative attitude and mindset. Limitless. We can all accomplish whatever we put our minds to. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish your goals, no matter how big or small. Sometimes we have to go down the wrong path, experience discomfort, rejection, and unpleasantness, however these things often lead us directly to the path where some of greatest milestones, accomplishments, and things will ever happen.

Each of Us Has Purpose

How can we be so sure that we are capable of anything, well, first of all, we are alive, we are breathing (please, take a breath in, and... out.) Phew! Had to make sure!!! You are capable of so much, your super power is that you are YOU, you are unique, and that makes you undoubtedly capable and worthy of anything. That uniqueness is your gift to the world. You have a purpose! How do I know? Because each one of us has a purpose, and if you aren't sure what yours is yet, that's OKAY. Perhaps that passion, or purpose isn't clear yet, perhaps it’s buried deep inside of you. Thomas Edison said "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." Your only limit is your mind, so stay amazing, stay motivated, stay dedicated, remember that YOU have purpose, you are important, and stay limitless.

Navigate Uncertain Times

How do we then navigate uncertain times and keep our heads above water and focus on the good. Simply put, we focus on the good and strive to find the beauty in each and every day. Times are tough, frightening, and uncertain, there is no doubt about that. With so many out of work, working virtually, learning on virtual platforms, there is a sense of loss, fear, confusion, and grief. As the weeks go on, as they turn into months, we may feel more detached from ourselves. We may find we are becoming irritable, bitter, and resentful. It is okay to feel that way. We have all, in some way or another, lost our daily routines and had to build another type of routine. For many, a sense of purpose seems like it doesn’t exist, our livelihoods have been put on hold, and with regulations changing on a weekly basis, this “new normal” has even more unknowns and uncertainty than it did when it first began. While we know, on some level, that this is temporary, it doesn’t always feel that way. There is a longing for things to be back to “normal” however, I can only wonder what normal will mean to people after this pandemic ends. How will it have changed us, this is a traumatic event that we are experiencing as a people, across the globe. There is no doubt, that each one of us will come out on the other end of this slightly different than before it started.

Human Connection

Many of us are getting fed up with social distancing and are eager to re-connect with family, friends, co-workers, and at this point, even strangers! There is a loss of connection that can’t be fulfilled by phone calls or face time. Isolation, even for someone like myself who identifies more as an introvert, is hard. There is no question about it. We as humans we need connection with others. It's in our DNA. Collaboratively we are grieving to have those connections, to feel a sense of normalcy, purpose, and are full of anticipation, as we wonder what the future holds.

There is No Right Way to Feel

For each of us, we will cope a little differently, we will deal with the lack of connection, the losses in our lives no matter how big or small, in our own ways. I can say, that while each day seems to be the same, it’s not. Each day, emotionally is different. In fact some hours and minutes seem different. It’s okay to feel like doing nothing, it’s okay to do nothing, not to accomplish chores, and to feel sad, angry, frustrated, or frightened. It’s also okay to be motivated, and when you are, to accomplish whatever goal you are set out to achieve. Just like when we lose a loved one, we are all experiencing the stages of grief. This is a mighty loss of so many things. Many are still in denial that COVID-19 is as dangerous as the media, CDC, and WHO state, they don’t believe they will be affected, they don’t believe still that they will at some point know someone who dies from this virus. This isn’t just denial, it’s also a fear of the unknown. It’s a coping mechanism. There is anger and resentment to loss of jobs, in-person schooling, in-person graduations, weddings, showers, and sadly, even funerals.

Accepting What We Can’t Control

A big part of getting through this is acceptance, accepting that this is where we are as not only a nation, but as a global people. Acceptance is going to be key for helping yourself and others get through this challenging time. We must accept that this is happening, that we can't change it, we can control it, we simply must make the best of the current situation at hand. How we chose to react and respond, manage and cope through these trying times, we can each control that. None of us can predict the future. Two weeks of social distancing has been extended numerous times, I could not have predicted that, and unless you have an accurate crystal ball, my guess is neither could any of us. Trying to stay optimistic, positive, and hopeful for the best possible outcome. Trying not to catastrophize any outcomes of this pandemic is imperative for our overall moral and wellbeing as individuals and as a people.

Focus on the Good

Trying to focus on what we currently have, where we are, why we are here. Balancing out the negative thoughts, sticking to the facts. Try to be understanding and see where others are coming from. We are all feeling different emotions, we are all feeling a sense of loss, as we are all in this together. Try and be empathetic to those around you. Show compassion for others. Across the globe people are going through this together, none of us are alone (while technically we physically are, with quarantine and social distancing.) Embrace the uncertainty, create a new routine and a new normal for the time being, and try and remain positive and hopeful in what is most certainly an unsettling and uncomfortable time.

Compassion and Human Kindness

Practice compassion, to show compassion means to show a willingness to help others, to hear and understand them, to be empathetic and sympathetic to their feelings and situation. It is showing kindness, caring, and giving support where it's needed. Compassion is the ability to feel for another, and truly put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Each one of us is dealing with these things in our own way. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to be kind to others, and be kind to ourselves. Now, tomorrow, and always, practice compassion, empathy, and kindness towards yourself and others.

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