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The Power of Positivity

There is power in positivity. Your only limit is your mind. You can do whatever you think you can, however you can also get stuck in self-doubt and believing what you think you can't do, or get through. The mind is a powerful thing, it has the ability to get in our way if we allow it.

It is extremely hard for the human mind to turn off and stop thinking, like it or not, that's part of how the subconscious works. Our minds are always occupied with thoughts, wanted and welcome or not. What is you choose to see the positive, find the good in the worst of situations, and re-frame the way you think. As humans, we limit ourselves in almost every aspect of our lives by giving into these negative thoughts - stop giving them so much power! We miss out on opportunities when we allow those negative thoughts to intrude.

Telling ourselves someone is out of our league, or that we aren't good enough, so that we can't find the courage to ask someone on a date. Doubting that we are a good match for a position due to not believing we can complete the tasks the job requires, thinking that there has to be someone who can do it better, or being afraid for constructive criticism. How do we know unless we try? Personally, I spent 10 years in a career I didn't enjoy, I was good at it, but I wasn't happy. I made the choice to take a risk, and go back to school to pursue my dreams and a career that I felt I belonged in. If I had of let the fear and negative thoughts rule, I'd still be in another field doing work I didn't enjoy rather than spending my life helping others.

I once said to a group of client's, at some point in your life perhaps you believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the tooth fairy, but you struggle to believe in yourself for even five minutes. What if we believed in ourselves a little more, and had less self-doubt?

Learn to be mindful of the negative thoughts as they come into your mind, and replace them with positive thoughts. Try to find the positive in every situation, sometimes this will be harder to do, but it doesn't mean it's impossible. Remain grateful, and remind yourself daily of the things in life you are grateful for. More importantly, change the mental images your allow to occupy space in your mind. The way you view both yourself and your surroundings will impact your thoughts. Rather than stay stuck in the dark, with negative intrusive thoughts, build a focus on the positive and happier situations in your life. Remain persistent and continue to keep working on yourself. In doing so, your mind will start to automatically disregard negative intrusive thoughts and welcome the positive thoughts with open arms.

It's hard to see the good sometimes, to believe that out of hardship or pain there can be light. No matter what you are going through, if you believe in yourself, have hope and faith, then there is no obstacle you can't overcome. Try to remain optimistic and positive, find coping skills to help you rid your life of negative self talk and self doubt. The mind is powerful, you can do anything you put your mind to. Stop letting it be an obstacle and rather, believe in your hopes, dreams, and goals.

Remember that you are (or will become) whatever you think you are. This should be reason enough to believe that you are enough, you are worth it, and that you deserve a happy and positive life.

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