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My Body, My Rights, My Choice.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

My breasts. My Bum. My Brain. My Body. My rights. My Choice. They aren’t up for grabs. With everything going on in the world, with all of the important issues and challenges, America’s government is making the choice to attempt to control our bodies. It honestly makes me sick, sad, numb, and has left me questioning society. It’s my body, it’s my choice. Your neighbor? It’s her body, her choice. Your teacher, doctor, mother, wife, sister, aunt, cousin, co-worker… yep, their bodies, THEIR CHOICE. With Alabama’s legislature voting to ban nearly all abortions in the state with NO exception for rape victims. NO exception for incest victims. Threatening criminal penalties for medical professionals with potential jail time of 99 years. Several other states have passed laws making abortions illegal after six weeks. This is before most women even find out they are pregnant, before many fetal medical conditions even develop. These laws hurt women, mothers, daughters, grandmas, sisters, wives, families. They are unconstitutional, and they won’t end abortion, they will only stop safe, clean procedures from taking place. It is barbaric to think about going back to the times when women died from abortion because it was illegal. As a whole, we have fought too hard to go backwards. Healthcare across the board is a human right, this encompasses reproductive health. My body, your body, her body, NO one else has the right to dictate or make a decision, a LAW about a women’s body. This is my body, it is not property of the government. Neither is your body. For now, Roe v. Wade stands, and you better believe women will unite and fight to keep it that way.

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