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Music Makes the People Come Together

Music is such an amazing form of therapy, it's used to treat patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments both emotional and physical issues. It can benefit mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, substance use disorders, traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities, both acute and chronic pain, and disorders such as Alzheimer's. . Both listening to and creating music can have positive effects on mood and mental health, elevate both your mood and motivation, while aiding in relation and increasing the efficacy of your brain processing. .

Music helps to relieve stress, lower depression, and counteract other negative mind states. Research suggests that some of the key ways that music can help you feel better or even lower the need for use of prescription drugs, such as tranquilizing medications or hypnotics commonly prescribed for cognitive loss or anxiety, include increasing things such as self-acceptance, self-awareness and expression stimulation of speech motor integration, a sense of belonging, and enhanced communication and relationships with others, both of which are tied to happiness.

Have you ever been to a concert? from experience I have been able to experience music unite people in some a moving way. I have witnessed music help so many come together, sway side to side, dancing with each other, with strangers, singing familiar songs, having a great time, enjoying themselves being happy. People from different generations and walks of life. Music touches our souls, it connects us, it makes us laugh, dance, and sometimes cry, it has a special way of bringing joy to us and an ability to help us heal.

How do you enjoy music? How has it had an effect on you? Has it helped you through a hard time in your life? or perhaps you can think of a happy time and a song that resonates with you and that moment.

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