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More Than Half Holistic Healing

Why "Half Holistic Healing I've been asked. Well, "Holistic Healing" didn't vibe right with me, nor did "99% Holistic Healing", "Mostly Holistic Healing", "Almost Always Holistic Healing... " and you get my point... I was stuck on the "Holistic Healing" however, for me personally I knew 100% seemed like it could not be my reality. . Part of my personal story includes my autoimmune and chronic illness, which means Western medicine. For years I struggled with acceptance of the fact that I needed to be medicated for illness, and that these illnesses were in fact chronic. I avoided taking pharmaceuticals, would start them then stop taking them as prescribed due to forgetting or falling back into resentment, after swearing off it, mostly in anger and resentment. I now know that its okay to need it, but more okay to communicate with my doctors about trying holistic options and voicing what I believe is best for me, and what I believe in putting in my body and other treatment options. I also learned that it's okay to find new doctors if my ethics, morals, and beliefs don't line up with the way a doctor believes in practicing medicine.

I now have a happy balance of almost all organic supplements over big pharma medication. I still have a few that I need to be on, and that's okay. It's my reality but I am able to live as natural, holistic, and organic as I choose and to decide what goes into my body. There are medications I am prescribed that insurance isn't covering, that is another battle that myself and many other face daily. So we must find other options, I don't know many people who could pay for a $2,000 prescription out of pocket if their insurance denied it. I ran into this recently, so of course, I could not pay for the medication, which was upsetting since it is one that is amazing and helps tremendously, but rather than get upset I turn to my oils, organic counterparts, and I know I will find the right balance to figure it out. Big pharma doesn't make it easy to access medications, and many of their medications cause other issues. So if I can cure myself, or maintain my symptoms and pain as holistically and in the most natural and organic way possible, that's the plan. For myself, and many others, I don't believe I can say that being 100% holistic is realistic, because I know I can't give up all my western medication's, I have tried, and it did not work out for me. Perhaps one day, perhaps one day after my body heals enough, but right now is not that time. And let's be honest, willpower is great but sometimes that gluten free pizza or baked good screams my name, and if you offer me ice cream, game over.

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