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Invest in Rest

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It sounds simple and perhaps a bit silly, right? maybe it is, however the statement has a lot to say. Rest is important and oftentimes we get so busy with everything going on in our lives and around us that we neglect to allow ourselves to rest. Rest is truly a long-term investment in your well-being. Oftentimes, it becomes an afterthought, though it's a necessity. Rest isn't just sleep, however sleep falls into the category of rest as well. Rest is both healing and restorative, and may look different at different times. Physical rest helps to restore, recharge, and repair the body. Physical rest may include things such as taking a bath or shower, sleeping, getting a massage, yoga and/or mindful movement, and/or breathing exercises, Rest can also be social, some social activities support our nervous systems, of course our social energy at times, also needs to be restored. Sometimes social rest includes others, and sometimes it looks more like taking space, spending time alone, and connecting with ourselves. Ways in which we may get social rest include being intentional and prioritizing face to face interactions and who we spend our time on, connecting with groups with similar interests, practicing mindful and active listening, only responding to texts and emails when we have the mental capacity, taking a break from socializing and social commitments as needed. Rest can also be creative, it may sound like listening to music, podcasts, meditations. It may look like drawing, coloring, painting, It may feel like movement and letting your body flow. It could also look like visiting places that make you happy, bring you joy, and/or ground you. We also need room for emotional rest. Emotional rest may be validating our own feelings, labeling our emotions, and could look like going to therapy. Our mental wellbeing matters, We need to allow our minds the mind for rest as well. We may need a media break, a break from social media, to spend time in nature, and being intentional with our routines and schedules. Our bodies often let us know when we need rest, as do our minds. Sometimes it takes longer for us to listen and provide our bodies with the rest we need. Check in with yourself, Ask yourself, what signs your mind or body share with you, when you are in need of rest. Also consider what type of rest you need.

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