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Five top things to quit RIGHT NOW!

Here they are, the top 5 things to quit right now!

📌Trying to please everyone or make everyone happy. 📌Fearing change. 📌Living in the past. STOP LOOKING BACKWARDS, YOUR NOT GOING THAT WAY!

📌Putting yourself down. 📌Overthinking. How many people struggle with the things on this list? Or can identify with at least a few of them? I can tell you first hand it's hard to break the cycle, however it's possible and when you change your mindset and way of thinking everything changes for the better. . It's inevitable, we can't please everyone, if you are trying to, the likelihood is that you are exhausted, and maybe not as happy as you deserve to be. Try putting your happiness and yourself first. All you can do, is your best, and work on being the best version of you everyday. Change is inevitable, we are constantly growing and changing, as is the world around us. Change can absolutely be scary but also beautiful. If you are stuck in the past, walk away from it. Remember the memories and leave the rest. Dwelling on what happened, what could have been, or what you lost won't get you anywhere. The future is bright, keep moving forward. STOP putting yourself down. You are amazing, thus far you have survived 100% of your good, bad, and mediocre days. You are worth so much love and happiness. You are enough. And this may be the hardest, but STOP OVERTHINKING everything!! It can become dangerous and harmful to get in a pattern of overthinking. It can destroy happiness, confidence, self-love, and lives if you stew in that place of overthinking. If it's not helping you, push that stuff aside, keep calm, and carry on.

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