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Are You a Goal Getter?

Are you a goal getter?! Me too. Here are a few tips for staying positive, focused, maintaining motivation, and crushing your goals.

1. Break your BIG goal, into a set of smaller goals. Avoid those absolute statements, which are those phrases what mean they must be true and fact based, because I can almost guarantee that they aren’t because in life, there are very few absolutes! For example, “I can’t accomplish anything” rather try “Maybe I won’t accomplish everything, however, I won’t accomplish anything if I don’t try.”

2. When those negative thoughts roll in, stop them dead in their tracks. Sometimes it’s as easy as putting those negative thoughts in their place and telling them where to get off.

3. Focus on the positive! Celebrate all victories, no matter how big or small they may seem. Allow yourself to notice your progress, focus on where you started and how far you’ve come rather than worrying about where you want to be or how far you left have to go. Don’t discredit the work and accomplishments you have already made.

4. Don’t bully yourself, stop setting unrealistic expectations on yourself. Don’t hold yourself to standards that you wouldn’t expect others to meet. Using statements such as “I should have” is just a way of punishing yourself after the fact. Be kind to yourself, remind yourself why you started, what your motivation was/is, and that you can accomplish anything, you are limitless. You’re not to blame every time something goes wrong, or not “according to plan” Stop feeling guilty for every little thing, stop apologizing for being yourself.

5. Focus on what’s possible rather than what seems or feels impossible. Avoid using words like “can’t” and other negative language. Remind yourself of your many positive qualities, traits, and capabilities. There is power in extreme focus, positive thinking and positive self-talk, what we focus on we manifest and tend to see within our lives. Our thoughts hold a lot of power. Focus on that goal, knowing and believing that you can achieve it, and you will find your way there.

6. Don’t give up, be persistent with your positive thinking, stay focused, be gentle with yourself, don’t let others discourage you, let their doubt fuel your fire to keep going.

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