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Allow Yourself to Change Like the Seasons.

As the seasons change, it's important to remain mindful and grateful. Remember that happiness cannot be bought, worn, consumed, stolen, owed, or earned. It is a much more individual and spiritual process. It involves letting go of expectations, and accepting what we cannot change or control. Living in each day, in each moment, with grit, grace, and gratitude. If you feel overwhelmed, remember the best changes and growth can come from stepping out of your comfort zone and being under pressure.

Remember under pressure sand turns to a pearl, coal to a diamond, and a caterpillar to a butterfly. Give yourself time, be gentle with yourself, Make the choice, take the change, allow growth and change to happen. We can't change the circumstances, we can't change the outcome, we can't control the season's changing, or the storm from coming, however, can work on ourselves and on morphing into the most beautiful, authentic versions of ourselves. Give yourself time. Growth and change can be unpredictable, messy, scary, full of the unknown, but it's necessary. It gives us the opportunity to become someone we have never been before, and the opportunity to accomplish things we never imagined possible. Mindset is everything, be unstoppable. Each evening fall asleep with a dream, wake up grateful, and live each day with purpose and intent. You don't need all the answers, take the first step, and be open and willing to allow yourself to change like the seasons.

The seasons changing is a natural occurring event, Mother Nature is great at keeping us on our toes, and continually showing us how beautiful growth and change can be. If you have ever experienced seasons changing in New England, you may have witnessed first hand the magic that happens with each transition. Perhaps you too have experienced this, you dread the cold, but with the graceful flakes falling upon the earth for the first time of the season something in you changes. You shift your attitude from disliking the snow and cold to embracing the change and beauty around you. The same is true when winter transitions to spring and everything comes back to life, a little bigger, a little stronger, and in its own way, just as beautiful as ever before. Summer follows, and you remember the warmth on your back, the longer days, the sand in your toes, and the views from mountain tops. Fall always arrives, what seems like in a blink of an eye. It brings with it memories of holidays, vivid bright colors of the leaves, smells of home baked seasonal treats, and pumpkin everything.

In the fall we sense a change, early winter we are resistant, mid-winter we are gaining motivation, by late winter we are ready to put in the work and make the changes. Come spring we begin to bloom and put our plans into action, and come summer, our hard work begins paying off and you recognize and celebrate how far you've come. If you are in a transition state, if your season is changing, allow the feelings of fear and doubt to fuel you and motivate you to push forward. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and raw, be accepting of where you are in this moment. We can't rush things, we can't control everything, nor can we do everything. Let's be honest, everything worth having is worth both working for and waiting for in life. Figure out where you are in your journey, what you need to move forward, what is fueling your energy, and what you need to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself in your current season. There are so many changes we face, seasons, relationships, career, home, health and wellbeing, family, financial, and home. Sometimes changes and shifts happen in multiple areas at once. It can be overwhelming, take time for yourself, ask yourself what you need, and allow yourself the time needed to go through whatever transition you may be facing. We are human, we are resistant to change, but often we find that once the change has occurred, we are grateful for the growth and are able to identify our accomplishment. If you are feeling anxiety, that is normal leading up to the initial change or change of any type. We feel nervous, but only because we can't control or predict the future and what awaits us in our next season. Embrace all the seasons of your life with mind and an open heart. As the seasons change, allow yourself to pause, be mindful of where you have been, and look forward to the things that are in store for you through the next season.

Enjoy the journey.

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