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10 Benefits of Therapy

Feel Less Anxious - Therapy can give you an outlet that you may not find within family and friends. A place to discuss the things that are weighing on you, causing undue stress and anxiety. In turn, it can also help you learn to communicate about your anxiety, cope with your anxiety, manage and even overcome your anxiety.

Learn About Yourself - Some of us struggle to identify who we are, what makes us tick, what we live v.s. Dislike about ourselves. Oftentimes, especially working with clients in recovery, they are on a journey to learn who they are. I tend to start these clients off with an assignment, making a list of definitive likes v.s. Dislikes, and we move on from there.

Gain Confidence - Sometimes we need a cheerleader when we struggle to be our own. Someone who can help us find our voice, to help us learn to be vulnerable, so that we can hold our heads a little higher and go after whatever it is we are trying to accomplish.

Improve Relationships - Relationships are hard, I don’t care who you are or what type of relationship you are thinking about right now. All relationships take time, effort, and work. Read that again in case you missed it. All relationships take time, effort, and work. Some of us struggle with conflict within our relationships, but don’t worry, you aren’t doomed! You can learn to improve your relationships and decrease negative experiences.

End Harmful Cycles - For certain people, there seems to be what they might refer to as “endless cycles” it could be not being able to hold a job with the same pattern, toxic relationships that they can’t escape, cycles with food that can turn into poor relationships with food and even into eating disorders, as well as cycles abusing substances, sometimes leading to addiction. Within therapy we can learn the tools needed to break the cycle. To go down another path, so to speak.

Learn and Utilize Healthy Coping Strategies - Life is hard, between pandemics, wars, financial struggles, work, family, and the expectations we have of ourselves, it can be hard to deal. Learning healthy, helpful ways to destress and to cope with anxiety, depression, or this chaotic thing we call life, the more tools in our toolbelt, the better equipped we are for anything that comes our way - even sketchy giant spiders (eww.)

Learn to Set Healthy Boundaries - We live in a busy society, and oftentimes we feel pressure to go to every event, say yes to every invitation, say yes to our bosses even if we are completely overwhelmed and swamped with our own work, and well, you get it. We can even struggle with healthy boundaries with ourselves. Learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries will in turn help you decrease stress, anxiety, burn out, and may possibly allow for better relationships and better productivity from your personal life through your professional life.

Improve Communication Skills - Sometimes it’s hard to express yourself, to be open, honest, raw, to be vulnerable. Within therapy we can learn to open up and communicate our feelings, our emotions, our wants, and our needs to name a few. Communication is the key to success, or so my first supervisor used to say.

Increase Happiness - In learning to manage your stress, manage anxiety, cope with all the things that can be thrown at us, we can start to increase our own inner peace and happiness. In Learning to improve relationships, improve our communication skills, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, we can also start to feel happier as we experience less stress.

Decrease Stress - YES! You can decrease stress in therapy, you don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from therapy. ANYONE can benefit from therapy.

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